Hey there, my name is Matt and I'm a developer with a little too much free time on my hands. Though my main dwelling is with back end server stuff, you'll often see my dabbling with a bunch of other things: from game development to music to experimenting with all sorts of things, whatever piques my interest, really. I should probably also mention I'm a Computer Science undergrad.

I mostly write my stuff in Rust these days for a number of reasons, from ergonomics to the amazing generics system which always manages to surprise me in a good way, no matter how long I've been using it for at this point. I also write quite a bit of stuff in C, Java and to a lesser extent Python. You can find many of many, albeit not all, of my projects on my GitHub page.

I'm also very much a furry. If you couldn't tell by the domain name, that is.


Some links I'd like to leave for myself and whoever is coming through this cursed corner of the internet.


If for some reason you feel the need to contact me, you can find me at @DarkRyu550 on Telegram or you might choose to email me at mbr@狼.net. Failing that you may reach me through my gmail dark.ryu.550@gmail.com.